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Planning a trip or a vacation is difficult when you have no one you can count on that will care for your animals as you do. 

HEather Horse Care

Would you be relieved and comforted to know that your animals will have the best care in their own home and environment with their own smells, foods and toys?  No need for their daily routine to get turned upside down.

While You're Away Farm care & Pet Sitting Services believes there is no reason to worry, nothing to keep your heart heavy.  Rest assured that your animals will be safe and happy when you arrive home and you'll feel relieved that you made the right decision for them.

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With 3 horses, 3 dogs & 2 cats, traveling used to be difficult for us.  Since we’ve discovered you, we can pick up and go at a moment’s notice!  Knowing we can count on you to provide them with the attention and TLC they need allows us to relax while we’re away...


It’s a great feeling to be able to travel & leave our pets in their own home rather than in a kennel, and know that they’re in your experienced, capable hands.

Thank you so much!
Glenn & Jacqui Lawton

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For all your Farm Care and Pet Sitting needs contact Heather for an interview with your pet.

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